Silver Jewellery

This jewellery draws on a variety of techniques and chemicals which have clearly changed over time as I have developed different interests.

Punched and oxidised drop earrings
(Jun 2010)

Punched and oxidised round earrings

(Jan 2010)

Punched and oxidised round pendant

(Jun 2010)

Punched and etched pendant (Jan 2009)

Punched and oxidised square earrings

(Dec 2009)

Punched and etched earrings (Aug 2007)

Titanium rivetted pendants (Oct 2007)

Black lacquered rayskin ring (Jun 2007)

Silver nursing pendants (Aug 2007)

Curious seagull brooch (Mar 2007)

Ball bearing necklace (Jun 2007)

Reticulated pendant (Nov 2006)

Puffed silver earrings (Mar 2007)

Marbled ceramic ring (Jul 2006)

Amethyst ring (Sep 2006)

Amethyst pendant
(Apr 2006)

Saggar fired ring
(May 2006)

Silver droplet earrings
(Feb 2006)

'Yes' & 'Ydw' pendants
(Apr 2006)



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