Silver nursing pendants

The making of these pendants was due to a conversation with a friend who wanted a way of knowing which breast was next in line at feeding time (I had assumed this was obvious, but evidently not). So we came up with a pendant which could be rotated about the vertical axis and with two differently tactile surfaces. Therefore after feeding off one breast, the pendant could be lifted and rotated to show the other side. At the next feed, the mother could touch the pendant and know from the feel, which breast to use first.

One side of the pendant was textured with a ball pein hammer. The other side was etched with a design. The finished pendant was suspended on a silver snake chain from Cooksons.

All the mothers who have used this pendant have found it very helpful.

The first pendant looked like this:

After using this one for a while, modifications were suggested and I produced an improved version:

And the mechanism involves a t-bar resting in a slot:

Finally, armed with more user feedback, I made another one for my sister:

This used a slightly different t-bar mechanism to switch sides of the pendant:

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