Punched and oxidised drop earrings

A round punch was used to mark circles on 4 1mm thick circles of sterling silver. Each circle was domed and and a small V marked on opposite edges of two domes. Each of these was then soldered to another domed circle to form the lenticular shape that these drop earrings have. The small V was then drilled out to a hole sufficient to take a 1mm wire.

The lentil was pickled before being oxidised using liver of sulphur. Excess oxidation was removed using a dremel felt and finally the earrings were burnished to bring out the highlights in the silver texture.

The earrings were hung on 1mm silver wire which had been heated to form a blob at one end. These were then suspended from earring findings.

These earrings hang well and sparkle in the light. I have made another pair which had the punch marks much more closely placed and overlapping. The result is an earring which is much blacker and hence less glamourous.

I have also learnt that it is important to punch each disc of silver with roughly the same number of circles. Otherwise the resultant domes end up different sizes which results in laborious filing to make pairs fit to be soldered together.

The earring findings came from Cooksons.

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