Large enamelled/CNC engraved silver pendant

This pendant was designed using CamBam software and then engraved using the resident CNC machine on our kitchen table.

This is what was produced by the machine - the holding tabs are clearly visible.

It was made from fine silver which meant that once the design had been engraved, it only had to be cleaned up, repolished, and then domed before enamelling could be done. (Compare to the other CNC pendants for example).

The engraving pattern was quite different to the previous pendants we had produced and we hoped it would produce a sparkle underneath the transparent enamel. The finished product does have a lovely depth to it although the two enamels used (Soyer 46 (green turquoise)for the top and 103 (deep turquoise) for the bottom) turned out to be a bit closer in colour than I had realised.

The finished pendant was then suspended on a silver snake necklace from Cooksons.

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