Enamelled/CNC engraved silver pendants

These pendants were designed using CamBam software and then engraved using the resident CNC machine on our kitchen table.

Both pendants were made from sterling silver. Once the design had been engraved and the piece repolished, the surface of the silver was enriched by repeated heating/pickling/scratch brushing (to remove as much copper as possible which would ruin the transparent enamel). The pendants were slightly domed before enamelling to counteract the shrinkage effect of enamel - the result was a flat pendant.

The CNC engraving allows for a lovely texture to be evenly applied to the pendant, which then shows through the enamel - it would be impossible for me to reproduce this even texture by hand.

Jarkman has also made two pendants in a similar style which can be found on his website.

The pendants were then suspended on a silver snake necklace from Cooksons.

This pendant shows off the CNC engravings very nicely and I was very pleased with it:

This pendant was a more subtle design using enamels that were very close in colour. The different CNC design gives a very different look to the previous pendant.

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