Blue enamelled/CNC engraved silver earrings

These earrings were designed using CamBam software and then engraved using the resident CNC machine on our kitchen table. These are for the wife of the person who designed CamBam - it seemed well time that she benefitted from the long hours of programming put in by her husband!

Like the large CNC pendant it was made from fine silver and used a similar ray design. So once the design had been engraved, it only had to be cleaned up, repolished, and then slightly domed before enamelling could be done.

Soyer 616 transparent blue/voilet enamel was used for these earrings which were then suspended from silver findings from Cooksons.

Oddly, on both earrings as well as an earlier test piece, the enamel has cracked in a circular pattern in the middle of each and we don't know why this has happened. The silver square had to be domed slightly to compensate for the contraction caused by the enamel, but the CNC engraving appears to have affected this process somehow. However the crack is not that visible so does not affect the overall appearance of the earrings.

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