White pendants

I wanted to make a young girl a glass pendant - but she likes pink. As I had no pink glass I ended up using some small pieces of pink confetti on white glass. As before the fine silver hook was fused between two pieces of 2mm white glass, then 3mm clear glass placed on top of some pink confetti. (I also managed to get some silver dust on the piece which shows yellow here - luckily it is almost invisible in the 25mm pendant.)

The original pendant I made for her used one of the free samples of dichroic glass which WarmGlass send with their packages of glass. In the light it flashed purple/pink and looked lovely on the white glass - however this effect almost disappeared in daylight after firing. Whilst it would make a great pendant for a bridesmaid, for a girl who liked 'pink' I didn't feel that it would make the grade - hence the previous pendant.

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