Striped glass pendants

These pendants were made using small 25x4mm pieces of coloured glass stacked together to form a block. A 2mm piece of clear glass was then placed carefully on top and the piece fired. A hole was subsequently drilled into the pendant, the piece fire polished and leather cord used to hang the piece.

Whilst these are quite a lot of work and I seem to end up with a lot of shards of glass that refuse to cut neatly into 4mm strips, it gives a different dimension to the jewellery produced. I even like the air bubbles which are left behind because of the uneven strips which are used in the product - some small clear glass frit would stop this happening, but I keep forgetting to insert frit underneath the top clear layer.

The first one was designed to be monochromatic with a thin red strip - the clear glass is good at making it look even stripier against the skin.

The next one - which has not yet been drilled but will instead be set into a silver bezel at some point - replaced the clear with transparent glass which gives another effect. Although trapped air between the strips can clearly be seen here.

Various shades of brown/yellow were used to produce this pendant for a friend.

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