Red and orange pendant

This pendant was made in a similar way to the blue pendants but using warm instead of cold colours underneath the dichroic glass.

The bottom layer is 2mm orange opal. The patterned layer is made of strips of red opal (which hides the hanging hook), aurora borealis hot dichroic on clear and then tomato red opal. Small pieces of red stringer are used to separate the colours. This is then topped with 2mm clear glass

Fine silver is used to make the hanging hook which is fused in place during the firing process and hung on a silk necklet from Cooksons.

A slightly different effect is achieve using a different clear dichroic glass - in this case corkscrew on thin clear. Unfortunately the silver hanging look reacted with the red glass - I also suspect the kiln temperature was higher than for the previous pendant which would have increased the liklihood of the silver reacting adversely with the coloured glass.

As an experiment I tried placing gold foil on top of the red but it burnt off to leave a faint gold mess:

I did try using gold foil which stayed in place, but the result was rather dull - hence the lack of picture.

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