Reactive white opal pendant

This pendant was an experiment to test out what reactive cloud opal glass did when fused with copper wire and light cyan opal frit (which contains copper).

The bottom layer is 2mm reactive white cloud opal glass. Twists of thin copper wire were used to construct a hanging loop and tendrilss which laid flat on the white glass. A small amount of light cyan opal frit was then sprinkled on the pendant before being topped with 4mm of clear glass.

Several other attempts were made to replicate the reaction between this reactive glass and frits containing copper - the Bullseyeglass literature for reactive glass showed that the result should be blue blobs with a fine brown line around them. Here we have managed to just produce a red/brown colour - could have been due to our firing temperature or rapid rate of heating. We would need a more controllable kiln to produce the expected reaction.

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