Aventurine green pendant

When we bought our first scraps of glass from WarmGlass it included some shards of sparkly aventurine green which I loved.

So here are some experiments to make pendants which used this glass instead of dichroic to add sparkly to jewellery.

Because the green aventurine is relatively opaque it is possible to hide the fine silver loop between the base later of spring green opal and the patterned layer of aventurine green, yellow stringer and spring green opal. This was then topped with 2mm clear glass.

In the first one, we experimented with using Pritt to stick the glass together (impatience), assuming that the organic glue would simply burn off before the fusing started. Unfortunately, although not visible here, it left a visible smear and so the pendant was not wearable. Otherwise I really liked this one.

In this other pendant, a vertical design was used. However I think we over-fired the piece as is clear by the very rounded corners which I don't much like.

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